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Shia mosque burnt in Brussels

You may have heard about the Imam al-Ridha mosque in Brussels which was burnt last month by a Salafi terrorist. The arson attack led to the tragic death of the imam, Sheikh Abdullah Dadou, a father-of-four from Morocco. A delegation from London travelled to Brussels to pay their respects to his family and the community. […]

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how to control your anger

Living in a topsy-turvy world

It really is a sign of just how skewed our priorities are when a couple of Twitter postings about the Prophet (PBUH) cause more of a stir than the killing of innocent people. Or, as a friend of mine Tweeted “killing an innocent in the name of my religion is 1000 times more offensive than […]

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Image Credit: Illustrations by Ramachandra Babu/Gulf News

There is no panacea for Iraq’s problems

Thank God for Leslie Gelb, who after an entire three hours back in 2006 found the panacea that would solve Iraq’s problems; federalism. In an article by Gelb published a couple of weeks ago, he suggests that because “Shiites, Sunni and Kurds have been at  each other’s throats for centuries”, federalism that “provides ethno-religious groups […]

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Bin Laden’s Burial

There seems to be some controversy over how Osama’s body was disposed of. Chucking it in the sea apparently is offensive to some Muslims. By some Muslims, I mean some rather important ones. For example, “The Grand Imam, Dr Ahmed El-Tayeb, the sheikh of Al-Azhar condemned the reports, if true, of the throwing of the […]

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Hijab is Sexist and Degrading

After thinking about this for a long time, I have come to terms with the idea that hijab is sexist and degrading. In fact, it should have died a well-deserved death in the 20th century, along with other forms of dehumanising objectification. Hijab and the subjugation that it symbolises is rooted in the male domination […]

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Madressas and my hijacked memories

  ‘Madressa’. Sunny days. Primary school fun. Occasional boredom. Running around the playground. Slightly fresh textbook cartoons. Tedious homework last minute on a Friday evening. Madressa. Hardly a term I thought would be plastered on my English TV screen in 2011. Certainly not when I was a wee little 4 year old learning my alif baa’ […]

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Lentil soup for breakfast

Not all the writers on this blog come from ancient scholarly families and have the word ”Sayyid” posted as our first name on our Iranian passports. I am a layperson when it comes to jurisprudential issues, but would like to raise one peculiarity with you guys. Ramadhan has either ended, or is coming to an end, […]

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Last day lunacy

Extract from classified communication that took place on 10.09.2010 11:13 am CJ:       Good morning sir, sorry for disturbing you on your day off PT:       Well we can’t do anything about it now, but what you can do is keep it brief – something tells me my golf handicap isn’t going to improve subsequent to […]

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Cleric Condones Corruption

It was about 20 minutes into the religious Q&A show (11/8/2010) when Sayyid Rashid al-Hussaini dropped the bombshell fatwa on Al-Forat. I don’t usually watch the “Fiqh al-Mustafa” programme but as I stumbled on the channel and the first round of questions were on issues of fasting in Ramadhan I decided to get educated. In […]

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Allawi visit to Iran, Hakim visit to Israel, Sadr visit to US

Now that I have your attention…. ***WARNING: This is not about Iraqi politics.  Please do not read any further if you are looking for a rant about whether Maliki or Allawi should form the Iraqi government – your mind may not be able to handle something apolitical.*** For those whose brains haven’t exploded at the […]

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