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It’s the Stupidity, Stupid

Back in February, I wrote a post on the need for institutions in Iraq, and mentioned the Central Bank of Iraq as being one of the only independent, competent bodies in the country, largely thanks to the work of its governor, Sinan Shabibi. True to form, in an act of institutional self-flagellation, the Iraqi authorities […]

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Women, democracy and dictatorship

The electoral success of Islamic parties in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, has raised worries about policy and legislation on family and gender issues, this despite re-assuring noises from leading figures. Earlier electoral successes of Islamists in Iraq had brought about a disorderly mix of family policies and rule of disparate religious authorities, accompanied by much […]

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It is land and not just history that binds us

Few Iraqis recognize the organic connection between the mountains of Kurdistan and southern Iraq.  Many say that Iraq is an artificial state created by the british.  I submit to you that geology supersedes humanity.  Before the last Ice Age ended some 11 to 13 thousand years ago, the sea water level was some 450 feet […]

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It’s the institutions, stupid.

One of the most enduring images of the Arab uprisings so far has been that of Muammar al-Qadhafi being assaulted, and eventually murdered, after his capture. The fact that this was done at the hands of people who were portrayed as being pro-democracy activists captured a lot of the debate surrounding the ”Arab Spring”—were the […]

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There is no panacea for Iraq’s problems

Thank God for Leslie Gelb, who after an entire three hours back in 2006 found the panacea that would solve Iraq’s problems; federalism. In an article by Gelb published a couple of weeks ago, he suggests that because “Shiites, Sunni and Kurds have been at  each other’s throats for centuries”, federalism that “provides ethno-religious groups […]

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Imam Hussein’s views on oil refining

And then Hussein (AS) said to the usurper Yazeed: “the righteous demand that we turn the riches of this land into higher value export commodities by refining the crude into gasoline, fuels oils and distillates. Your continued insistence on the production of lead based petrol has destroyed the Ummah of my grandfather. Today, we make a stand in […]

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Perils of an oil economy

“No taxation without representation”. That was the slogan people in America used to use against the British colonialists. It’s short, salient and packs a punch. But how about “no representation without taxation”? You see, the oil-rich countries in the Gulf don’t really tax their citizens and are economically autonomous from society. They are not beholden […]

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It’s all yours

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The Real Iraq

The Ministry of Youth & Sport in Baghdad organised three, all-expenses paid, programmes this month in which scores of young Arabs and Iraqi expatriates participated in. One programme was for non-Iraqi Arab youth from across the Middle East & North Africa, the other for budding Iraqi footballers, and the third – the subject of this […]

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You don’t want to lose that AAA rating.

So the Iranians have refused to hand Ismail al-Lami (AKA abu Dera3) over to Iraqi authorities. This chap is probably obsolete in his use to Iran, but for them to shop him would deal a blow to their credibility in the international terrorism market. The Quds force seems to have established links with many of […]

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