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Britain on a knife-edge

British politics has really kicked of in the last few weeks. The controversy surrounding Diane Abbott and her off-the-cuff statements about a white conspiracy to divide-and-conquer has only worsened the crisis following Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s remarks that Cameron was “a dictator in Europe.” In early December, whilst David Cameron was in Brussels keeping […]

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Leaving Basra to the bandits

As the Royal Navy concluded their training mission last week, it marked the official end of the British military operations in Iraq. The task of training Iraq’s nascent navy is crucial due to the strategic importance of the southern oil ports and the 90 percent of Iraqi revenues that comes from selling crude. When the […]

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Where is the outrage?

Yesterday, a baffled Iraqi parliament completely ignored the very laws it legislates by voting in six MPs to replace ministers who have moved up the food chain. An Iraqi MP with only 3 votes (himself, his wife, and maybe one of his brothers) now represents 100,000 citizens. But I suppose that’s okay, because the Supreme […]

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Charisma and the ability to charm; these are traits that  are held naturally by some, and are not easily learnt (if it is at all possible to learn them).  When is it advantageous for an individual to possess charisma? Most of the time you can probably say that at the very least it does not […]

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Madressas and my hijacked memories

  ‘Madressa’. Sunny days. Primary school fun. Occasional boredom. Running around the playground. Slightly fresh textbook cartoons. Tedious homework last minute on a Friday evening. Madressa. Hardly a term I thought would be plastered on my English TV screen in 2011. Certainly not when I was a wee little 4 year old learning my alif baa’ […]

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Why did Nick Clegg cross the road….

…because he said he wouldn’t. Or so goes the latest joke about Clegg’s epic ability to flip-flop on key policies and backtrack on some of his most fundamental pre-election promises. A few months before the election, Clegg signed a charter that said “I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament […]

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On strikes and stupidy

In about an hours time, I will be leaving the office and heading home. On a normal day, this journey is pretty ordinary and usually goes off without hitch. Today though, we have the strikes. This means that after a tiring day at the office, I will probably have to spend around 45 minutes or […]

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The inescapable colonial legacy

I have despairingly tried to remain optimistic about the new Tory regime in Whitehall. Positive thoughts such as the coalition failing, a new Lib Dem rent-boy saga, George Osborne squeaking himself to suffocation or chain-smoking Ken Clark as new health minister occupy the recesses of my mind as I muddle through the new Cameronite dawn. […]

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Deja vu daydreams

Bleary-eyed I force myself awake, it’s the 6th of the month and I need to vote. I stumble past the TV that is blaring out with an indistinguishable figure warning of civil unrest from a hung political process. My friend texts me that he’s voting in the Greens – Green what? voting in the Green […]

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British Elections… Iraqi Style!

I was speaking to a friend of mine who lives in Iraq this morning and he made the mistake of asking me about the state of politics in the UK after he had heard there was an election. This brought out my mischievous side and I decided to fictionally explain it to him, the only […]

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