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The Iron Lady and Architects of the Future

Yesterday the Evelyn Grace Academy, a school in Brixton, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects was awarded the Stirling Prize, which, (according to the BBC at least) is the most prestigious UK award in architecture. It was the second year running that Zaha’s firm had won the prize, awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects, […]

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You don’t want to lose that AAA rating.

So the Iranians have refused to hand Ismail al-Lami (AKA abu Dera3) over to Iraqi authorities. This chap is probably obsolete in his use to Iran, but for them to shop him would deal a blow to their credibility in the international terrorism market. The Quds force seems to have established links with many of […]

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How would you like Iraqi culture to change?

Pretty much everyone I speak to about this feels that there one thing or another about Iraqi culture that could do with change. However, specifics tend to be sparse. There are a number of possible reasons for this – it’s not always the time and place to discuss potentially sensitive issues (the adage about not […]

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No news is good news, good news is better.

There are enough tears shed by Iraqi eyes, you have to wonder how it keeps coming. It is vitally important that injustices and suffering be exposed in full public view; it’s cowardly and selfish of us to run away from bad news. Also vital is that the government gets called out on the right occasion, […]

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Bin Laden’s Burial

There seems to be some controversy over how Osama’s body was disposed of. Chucking it in the sea apparently is offensive to some Muslims. By some Muslims, I mean some rather important ones. For example, “The Grand Imam, Dr Ahmed El-Tayeb, the sheikh of Al-Azhar condemned the reports, if true, of the throwing of the […]

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The Welsh Referendum and its Implications

or not. I thought I would take advantage of being awake at this early hour, whilst my co-bloggers are probably still shokhering away in their beds, about to wake up to some great news. Iraq has suffered immensely from the likes of this man. He no doubt played a key role in bringing al Qaeda […]

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Hijab is Sexist and Degrading

After thinking about this for a long time, I have come to terms with the idea that hijab is sexist and degrading. In fact, it should have died a well-deserved death in the 20th century, along with other forms of dehumanising objectification. Hijab and the subjugation that it symbolises is rooted in the male domination […]

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Charisma and the ability to charm; these are traits that  are held naturally by some, and are not easily learnt (if it is at all possible to learn them).  When is it advantageous for an individual to possess charisma? Most of the time you can probably say that at the very least it does not […]

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18 minutes

…is how long it would have lasted in Iraq before Saddam’s tanks rolled in and started massacring people. The other day I watched a video of the Cairo protesters dancing and singing “Hosni Mubarak has gone mad” and “Get out Hosni Mubarak”. They were waiving their signs and stuff, was adorable. Reminded me of another […]

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