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Banking in Iraq – The Need for Change (Part II)

In order for Iraq’s banking system to develop, the first steps must not come from private enterprise but from government. The majority of Iraq’s banks are privately owned businesses. There are a few government owned enterprises. Rafidain, Iraq’s largest bank which was established over seventy years ago is owned by the state. Also, Trade Bank […]

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Banking in Iraq – The Need for Change

In Iraq “cash is king”. Whether you are buying a shirt or a house, chances are you will be doing so in cold, hard cash. Is this because of collective personal preference that Iraqis have? Unfortunately it is due to necessity as there are no alternatives. Iraq’s banking and financial sectors are not only lagging, […]

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Women, democracy and dictatorship

The electoral success of Islamic parties in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, has raised worries about policy and legislation on family and gender issues, this despite re-assuring noises from leading figures. Earlier electoral successes of Islamists in Iraq had brought about a disorderly mix of family policies and rule of disparate religious authorities, accompanied by much […]

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It is land and not just history that binds us

Few Iraqis recognize the organic connection between the mountains of Kurdistan and southern Iraq.  Many say that Iraq is an artificial state created by the british.  I submit to you that geology supersedes humanity.  Before the last Ice Age ended some 11 to 13 thousand years ago, the sea water level was some 450 feet […]

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