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You don’t want to lose that AAA rating.

So the Iranians have refused to hand Ismail al-Lami (AKA abu Dera3) over to Iraqi authorities. This chap is probably obsolete in his use to Iran, but for them to shop him would deal a blow to their credibility in the international terrorism market. The Quds force seems to have established links with many of the sorts of people that might at first blush stretch credulity, in particular, the Taleban and al Qaeda terrorists. The kind of marketing and confidence-shoring campaign they must have engaged to establish these relations would have been against a serious current of anti-Shi’ism and distrust of Iran throughout the Sunni Muslim world. So the Arab Salafi reasons, if they are willing to hand their fellow Majoosi over to the hang man, what of me and my mission to board the Skyvirgin Express? Iran may not have that AAA rating (yet) but whatever it does have, it doesn’t want to get it downgraded.

Some years ago in his presidency, Khatami naively believed he could cut a deal with the Americans whereby he would cut off Hezbollah in return for something or another (easing of sanctions, I think it was). It was a little early for that, so it will have to be another day that the Iranians feel they have fattened-up Hezbollah enough, and will sell them to the Israelis for the right price…presuming the regime doesn’t fall first.

4 Comments on “You don’t want to lose that AAA rating.”

  1. Aref August 13, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    HAHAHAHAH! Oh my G-d… this boy actually cannot write to save his life!!!

    He jumps from sentence to sentence, fails to make a point, doesn’t accurately inform, doesn’t introduce anything/one he is writing about,

    He is only writing for himself…. he writes what thoughts run through his head… which is pretty revealing about his lack of intelligence.

    Please please stop him!!! How can you have people like him writing alongside Mousa Baraka, Ali Latif, and Ali Rashid????!! Please don’t let the Forum stoop so low and stop him defacing this blog with garbage!

    • Mohammed Abdullah August 13, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      You’d be more convincing if you didn’t keep having hysterical reactions within a short time of me posting, If you don’t think someone’s writing is worth reading, you tend to just not read it….
      See you next time buddy.

  2. Aziz Alnassiri August 16, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    Dear All,
    I have just come across this blog which I congratulate the cooperative who incepted and created it. As there are is no category dealing with the blog itself I am having to copy all categories to hopefully reach the blog owner(s). So sorry in advance for choosing to blast the blog. Here is my message:

    Since the general concept seems to be Iraqi Brits discussing common shared topics, one of which is Iraq. I am surprised to see the emphasis is on culture and politics and even religion rather than building, construction and economy, all of which is themes related to the country’s survival. How about adding economy or business to the list of themes?

    If you take up my suggestion then promise you a grass root perspective from Ground Zero by someone with no political agenda or ties and who has returned to attempt rebuilding anything in Iraq 35 years of life in the UK. I work in the private sector therefore my observations on happenings in Iraq are more realistic than public sector employee. Readers who may be looking for ways to contribute to Iraq (as opposed to just talking) may well find ideas of projects my company is trying to carry out in Iraq as suitable practical avenues for contributing to Iraq’s progress.

    • Ali Latif August 18, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

      Dear Aziz

      Many thanks for your kind words. The British Iraqi forum was set up to provide a platform for discussion about things concerning British Iraqis. Iraq is an obvious topic that will be debated but we would prefer not to have the blog become a battleground of hot air that usually occurs when Iraqis discuss politics.

      Your suggestions about subjects on Iraq’s development is welcome and it may be an idea to create a new category and invite yourself and others to contribute. However again, we would not want it to become a commercial marketing strategy for any one company.

      Many thanks

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