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Iraq: Same cast, another awful film

Where to begin? Oh yes, disappointment. This has to be officially acknowledged as a part of our collective Iraqi identity. On an individual level, one knows his abilities and based on that one has goals to achieve that are reasonably expected from him. On a collective level, the order of abilities, goals and expectations is so skewed and unrealistic.

When Iraqis talk of abilities, we either romanticise our history and appropriate past achievements and glories, or we may reasonably doubt any abilities and condemn the present. The government on one hand, and the intellectual class on the other, define our collective abilities as a nation. When they do so, they rarely agree on one definition and that’s rightly so because governments have a materialistic responsibility that is so loosely regulated, whilst intellectuals have a moral responsibility deemed to be self-regulated in favour of the nation.

The problem is that intellectuals are easily and often ignored in Iraq given its current state. So the responsibility lies solely here on our government in defining our abilities as a nation, setting the goals and motivating us all to achieving them. This is what we expect from the government, as any government in any country should be.

12 weeks today exactly from the election day and we are still looking at some stubborn figures fighting for the best deals for themselves and their entourage, not the nation which they disappoint over and over again. Before the elections, everyone (except the Kurds) jumped on the “national” bandwagon and claimed to be inclusive of all sects and ethnicities. After the elections, everyone is calling for a national unity government so not to exclude the Sunni component in Al-Iraqiya or the Shi’a component that is the SOL-INA uncemented alliance.

So it is the same cast and another awful film, while our intellectuals continue to be ignored and die in exile unrecognised.

PS: This forum too might be an example of our government’s failure. The government caused us a disappointment that affects the “Iraqi” part of the “British Iraqi Forum”.

2 Comments on “Iraq: Same cast, another awful film”

  1. LB May 30, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    I like what you wrote, but I disagree with you on throwing the whole blames on the government(s) and ignoring the so called “intellectuals”.

    In reality, Iraq’s scenario of treating the intellectuals is the same stereotype Arabic countries scenarios. In my opinion, the intellectuals must force the government(s) to listen, compare Iraq to a small Arab country like Lebanon or big Arab country such as Egypt. The web is full with Lebanese and Egyptians (bloggers, activists, twitters … etc) and believe me they are making a lot of noise … Where are the Iraqis?

  2. Ahmed Al-Saeed May 30, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    As far as bloggers and writers go, the web is also full of them. Some intellectuals even voiced their opinions openly (http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2010/03/18/103419.html). In the recent elections, everyone was hopeful that Iraq may find the right way but it saddens me that our politicians disappoint us. But, you are right that we are not as active as the Lebanese or Egyptians. We should be more organised and more active.

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