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I am a public health doctor who is cynically optimistic about most things.

Countdown to the UK election begins

If British Iraqis enjoyed the amateur campaigning and political wrangling that came with the Iraqi elections then they’re definitely in for a treat now. The date of the British election was announced yesterday and we’re going to have politicians grinning at us, kissing ugly babies and promising us the world over the next four weeks.

Beyond the hype and spin, the question we’d like to pose is which political party seems most likely to benefit the Iraqi community in the UK? Unsurprisingly this question is not very easy to answer given the extreme diversity of the Iraqi community in terms of political outlook or socio-economic status for starters.

Do not fear though, as the British Iraqi Forum has called on its bloggers to put the case forward for the major political parties from the perspective of the Iraqi community. It may not be their personal preferences but it will be an attempt at delineating the defining features and potential ramifications of the political choices on offer.

Mousa will kick off by persuading us to vote for a party led by a fat, grumpy Scot and Ali Rashid will explain why we should choose the over-spun toff brigade, leaving me to make the case for a bunch of non-entities.  So tune in and the debate will hopefully help you decide where your vote should rest on May the 6th.

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